October 8, 2009
Our hearts overflow with thanks to God!  After 15 months of waiting, filling out forms, waiting, dealing with government red tape in two countries, waiting, praying, being tested for our suitability as parents, our finances, our health, and did we mention, waiting?  … Favor is now home!!!  Hurray!
We flew to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Saturday, September 19 and returned exactly one week later.  It took our breath away to meet our daughter for the first time on Monday, the 21st.  She immediately ran up to us crying “Mommy” and “Daddy!”  Our hearts melted!  Favor is so happy to belong to our family, and we are blessed beyond words!  We created a blog that has lots of pictures on it, including a brief video clip of our initial meeting.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ll want to check it out by clicking here.  
During our time in Ethiopia, we sponsored a field trip for Favor’s kindergarten class.  We took the orphans horseback riding, then out for pizza and ice cream.  Favor loved it!  

We also came away deeply impressed with YWAM’s ministry in Ethiopia. 
Abdissa Tadessa, YWAM’s national director, personally showed us the wonderful work they are doing, especially among Ethiopian street children.

On Friday, September 11, Richie was honored by his coach and teammates to carry the USA flag and lead his football team as they charged onto the field.  The Cougars went on to win the game, improving to 3-0 on the season.

But more than the wins and losses, the Christian character and personal discipline Richie is experiencing by being a team captain is having a great impact on him.  

Richie loves having a little sister, as he is no longer the “baby” of our family – ha!  

In closing, thank you for your continuing support.  We need you in our lives, now more than ever!