March 4, 2009
Spring greetings to you from lovely Texas! Our family was blessed to all be together in Abilene when I turned 50 years old last month. We watched Amy’s play, “Little Women” and had a great time. Amy designed many of the costumes, and she is on schedule to graduate with a degree in theatre from Abilene Christian University at the end of the year. One of the many gifts I received that meant a great deal to me was a special book of well wishes and memories put together by Carol from dozens of my closest relationships over the years. That book made a huge impact on me, and challenges me to live the rest of my life with even greater purpose.
A week ago, three of us travelled to Phoenix to interview Mrs. Cindy McCain. Many were introduced to Senator McCain’s family during last year’s presidential election.  Mrs. McCain was eager to share with us about their experience in adopting a baby from Bangladesh 17 years ago.  I was particularly moved by a couple of things she said – notably, that adopting Bridget was the best thing she and Senator McCain had ever done, and that she would like her tombstone to read that the most significant thing in her life was choosing to adopt.  Mrs. McCain said she has regrets that she didn’t do more and wants to get behind Hope For 100 in a very significant way.  We plan to air the TV interview on Mother’s Day in another couple of months.

The story of Hope For 100 will be featured in the next issue of Purpose Driven Connection, a new magazine launched by Rick and Kay Warren.  It is clearly evident the Lord is blessing the efforts of Hope For 100 in a most significant way and that adoption of the fatherless is something very precious to His heart.  

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A week ago, when I flew to Phoenix for the interview with Mrs. McCain, we arrived a little early.  So we drove over to visit the Prayer Garden at the Sisters of Mary.  

During our time there, we came across the prayer station of Golgotha. On the top of the middle cross was a dove that kept cooing to us.  It was so surreal.  I’ve made the picture below the wallpaper for my computer desktop to remind me of that time.  We so sensed the peace and presence of the Lord and knew His favor was with us.

During this Lenten season as you think deeply about the love of God, may we all find ourselves being increasingly drawn to the cross of Jesus.
We need you in our lives!

God bless you!