Greetings from Thailand!
December 2, 2009

Greetings from Bangkok!  I have arrived (finally!) after a VERY lengthy trip.  I left Tyler at 4:30 a.m. on Monday for DFW and got to Thailand after midnight Wednesday.  Whew! After my first flight segment from DFW to Detroit, we ran into some problems.  The flight leaving Detroit for Tokyo had a leaky O-ring which took nearly five hours to fix.  By the time the mechanics had repaired the problem, one of the stewardesses got off the flight crew saying she would be working too many hours to do the flight.  Amazingly, NWA was unable to find a replacement stewardess.  Because they were one person short of a full flight crew, they cancelled the entire flight!  They had to put hundreds of passengers up in an airport hotel in Detroit, pay meals and flight vouchers.  As a result, I arrived here in Thailand a day later than originally planned.

When I left for this trip, I was closing in on the $1500 I need to cover my expenses.  To make a gift towards the balance I still need, simply click here. Thank you! To learn more about why I am here in Thailand, visit my blog here.


One of the blessings of adopting a six-year-old child from another country is the number of things she experiences for the first time.  We had a sense this would be the case when on our return flight to America, Favor was astonished by simple things at the airport like an elevator, an escalator and a water fountain.  Now that Favor has been in America for two months, that sense of wonder and astonishment has only amplified. [READ MORE]


We know this has been a difficult year for many of you.  Friends of ours have lost jobs, health, and loved ones.  Our family has been stretched as well, experiencing a drop in our missionary support along with some major financial challenges.  This Christmas, let’s remember that God so loved this world that He gave … His very best.  May you and I do the same, and give Him our very best.

In closing, as you pray for my trip to Thailand, you’ll want to check our blog this week for updates at:    Thank you for your ongoing support of our ministry.  We need you, and give thanks to God for you. 

May you experience a truly blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!