August 1, 2001

Dear Family and Friends,

Hot and humid summer greetings!  It's been triple digit weather here for much of this past month.  We enjoy spending our evenings jumping into the Mercy Ships pool to try and beat the heat.  We've heard from many of you that you'd like to hear more about us personally from time to time. We'll try to catch you up on the "inside scoop" of personal news for the Price family this month.

Colorful Colorado

Carol's just completed trip to Colorado with Richie was wonderful!  She was gone for three weeks, so Paul, Amy and I kept the "ship afloat" back in Texas.  Her trip began with two fun days in Grand Junction with good friends, going river rafting and visiting a dinosaur park and the beautiful Colorado National Monument.  That weekend, Carol shared at Vail Bible Church about Mercy Ships.  The last two weeks of the trip were spent in the Denver/Boulder area, speaking at First Presbyterian Church (where we got married), and visiting many of our friends and supporters.

Highlights of Carol's trip were meeting new people, reconnecting with old friends, sharing with many who are interested in getting involved with Mercy Ships . . . and, of course, the beautiful Colorado mountains!

A Trip to Remember

Since Paul turned 14, we've been trying to find a good time to go on a father/son trip.  It worked out to go at the same time Carol and Richie were in Colorado.  Lest you not believe us, here is a picture of the 71 pound halibut we caught on the 4th of July.  Talk about fireworks!  It was the "Catch of the Day" and we got a special hat for it.  More than the fishing was the special 4 days of one-on-one time we had together that will long be remembered.

How Will You Do That . . . and Kidnapping My Mother!

My brother, age 43 and never married, is getting married in San Diego in two months.  As I am ordained, Michael has asked me to perform the service.  Since I am also his favorite brother (well, his only brother), Michael wants me to be his Best Man as well!  Should be an interesting wedding, eh?

In addition to that, my mom turns 70 on August 6th.  All of her kids and grandkids are going to San Diego to her.  On her birthday, we plan to kidnap her and take her up in a hot air balloon ride!  Stay tuned . . .

May God richly bless you!

Glenn and Carol; Paul, Amy and Richie

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