March 1, 2001

Dear Family and Friends,

This past month was very sobering for us.  Four friends of ours, two with Mercy Ships and two from Youth With A Mission, died in the last two weeks.  We attended 3 of the funerals (the fourth was in from a car crash in South Africa, and we couldn't make it).  Needless to say, attending so many funerals of our friends and co-workers in such a short period of time has sensitized our hearts to eternity.


What an incredible work God did in the lives of the students I taught during the first week of February at the University of the Nations!  The students came from Laos, Mongolia, Taiwan, France, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Egypt, Brazil, Norway, Malaysia, Canada and the US.  

The last class session I opened up for the students to share what God had shown them during the week.  One after the other, they took turns telling of the deep workings of God in their  lives.  If you want a copy of their stirring testimonies on cassette, I will be happy to send it to you.  A great big thank you to all who prayed for this time.  I still continue to hear reports back from the students that they will continue to teach this  material when they go to China for their upcoming outreach, and after that back to their home nations.  Daniel, (pictured here at left with Chinese translator) a pastor from a church in Korea, was so deeply impacted by the course that he plans to take it back to Korea to teach to the other 100 pastors and 25,000 members of his church!


After Hawaii, I flew into Dallas to coordinate a special reception for radio broadcasters at the National Religious Broadcasters.  The evening went remarkably well with many new station managers signing up to air the Mercy Minute program on their stations.

The nautical theme was present everywhere - even down to the beautiful live fish centerpiece displays on the tables! Many people commented on the attractive ice sculpture of the Anastasis, the world's largest non-governmental floating hospital! A few jokes were made by the end of the evening that the Anastasis wasn't going to be the largest ship for long after melting in the bright lights for a couple of hours. 

Every 12 minutes, a special drawing was held. Winners received either a complimentary Mercy Bear, or a $100 gift to be given to the charity of their choice. Between each drawing, radio spots of the Mercy Minute were aired, as well as interviews with the founders of Mercy  Ships, Don and Deyon Stephens. Many attending the reception were deeply moved by the video and interactive web site, and a Listening Booth was available for station managers to stop by and listen to the radio program to see if they would like to air it on their stations.

In closing, we love you and need you in our lives.  At month's end, I fly to Benin, West Africa to visit one of our Mercy Ships on outreach. Please keep our family in your prayers.

May God richly bless you!

Glenn and Carol; Paul, Amy and Richie

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