January 1, 2001

Dear Family and Friends,

B-r-r-r-r-r-r!  For those who have begun to think of winter as just an extension of autumn, many of us have experienced the shocking truth -- "global warming" is not quite reality yet and winter is still winter!


Last month we spent a wonderful Christmas holiday in Washington, DC with Glenn's mother, all of her children and grandchildren.

We stayed up late playing cards, shooting pool, talking, baking cookies, etc. and just enjoying time with each other.  Here is Paul with his Uncle Michael, posing with his painting of a bass.  (Paul's masterpieces have become quite a desired gift of choice in our family each Christmas).

A highlight gift for me is Amy promising to juice carrots for the month of January.  (One of my personal goals for the new year is to eat nutritionally well as a lifestyle choice.  To start it off, I will undergo a "cleansing fast"during January).


We are busy this month moving into our new 3-bedroom home.  After renting for the past 2 years, we made the decision to go ahead and buy a home.  It is just 2 miles from Mercy Ships property, and located at the mouth of a lake.  Our little fisherman, Paul, couldn't be happier!

Next month, I will fly to Hawaii to teach the indepth discipleship course, Self- Confrontation at the YWAM base in Kona.  (Yes, we know it's a tough job going to Hawaii in February, but somebody has to do it). Immediately upon my return, I plan to attend the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) conference in Dallas.  This year, Mercy Ships is hosting a special reception for the radio broadcasters who are promoting our daily radio program, the Mercy Minute.  Already, 275 stations are broadcasting the Mercy Minute daily.  After the NRB conference, I plan to fly to French-speaking Benin, (in West Africa), to visit one of our ships there on outreach.  We'll tell you more about it in next month's news.

We love you and need you in our lives.  Please keep us in your prayers.

May God richly bless you!

Glenn and Carol; Paul, Amy and Richie

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